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Chateau de Villars, Rue du Moulin, Villars, 24530, FRANCE            Phone :+33 (0)5 53 03 41 58           E-mail: chateaudevillars@aol.com
Breeder Declaration & Disclamer

Australian Labradoodles are proven to be low/non-shedding and to be allergy friendly.

We Cannot Guarantee 100% that Your Labradoodle will not shed their coat, their  coat will not fade/lighten, or that an allergic reaction could occur.We will not be held Responsible if an allergic reaction occurs. It is the responsibility of the prospective buyer to seek a specialist opinion prior to reserving a puppy. (Our Labradoodles have with fleece/wool which will be low/non-shedding.)

We breed medium size labradoodles - both parents are medium but there is no way of guaranteeing the exact size of your Labradoodle when fully grown. 
We offer lifetime help and support for you and your puppy. Should your circumstances change and a Puppy needs to be re-homed, we will make every effort to assist in finding a suitable home, by way of advertising on our website and through our contacts. We cannot bring dogs brought back to our home due to the risk of infection and it is also less stressful for the puppy to stay with their current family until a suitable alternative home is found
Labradoodles make a wonderful family pet as they love being around people. However, they do not like being alone for long periods and have a lot of energy and need regular excercise, play and consistent training. All puppies are adorable but without time invested in excercise and proper training, they can be overly exuberant! It is important that you consider this is a lifelong commitment before making a final decision. There is a wealth of good information available on owning and training dogs to assist you in making a well-informed decision.
Some questions to consider:

Do you have time each day to excercise, play and  train your dog?

Are you willing to put your dog first when making plans - a dog cannot be left alone for too long - can you arrange your day to suit. How would you arrange going on holiday?

Are you fully aware of the cost of raising a puppy after the initial investment - vet fees, food, toys, licence, insurance, grooming etc?
Chateau de Villars, Rue du Moulin, Villars, 24530, FRANCE            Phone :+33 (0)5 53 03 41 58           E-mail: chateaudevillars@aol.com

A CONTRACT will be sent to be signed by both parties prior to release of puppies.