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Chateau de Villars, Rue du Moulin, Villars, 24530, FRANCE    ¦        Phone :+33 (0)5 53 03 41 58       ¦    E-mail: chateaudevillars@aol.com
Health Tests
All puppies are sold with a vet certifcate confirming all breed relevant Health Checks have been carried out.

It is essential that breeders recognise the importance of testing for various inherent diseases to maintain a healthy line and of course to minimise any suffering to an adult dog. Some health tests are required only once and can be tested for soon after a puppy is born e.g. for PRA (Por Retinal Atrophy). Other tests carried out once a dog reaches maturity at one year of age (such as the Hip and Elbow tests) are  also only done once in a dog’s lifetime.
Other tests such as the BVA Eye test are carried out annually and these are used as a means of identifying the presence or absence of inherited eye disease.

Micro Chipping
In line with the Code of Ethics stipulated by the UK Australian Labradoodle Club all Australian Labradoodle puppies will be neutered/ spayed before they leave our premises or will be sold with a de-sexing contract which stipulates permanent sterilization prior to the age of one year.
Puppies are wormed at 28 and 47 days with a veterinary preparation. A schedule will be provided - next required at 66 days and then as advised by your vet. For fleas we use Frontline as directed.
All puppies are  micro chipped for your peace of mind
Your new Puppy will have a pedigree certificate. You can view Sammy and Truffles' pedigree here.