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Buying a puppy is a serious commitment and whilst we will give you as much help and advice as we can to make the process easy, we ask that you do your own research as well, to help you with your decision making. 

Process in simple steps:

1. Sign up for our waiting list on the Home Page , or call or email with your details and type of dog you would like. We expect to receive many enquiries for an upcoming litter. Early contact helps us get to know more about new homes and enables us to keep you informed of progress and developments.

. Complete and return our questionnaire - this is not intended to be intrusive - we want to be sure our dogs are going to a suitable, safe home and this also helps us match puppies.

. When the litter is born we will contact those interested (in the order they have enquired), selecting the puppy best suited to the preferences of each potential owner.

. On agreement from both parties, a puppy can be reserved by payment of a 300 euro deposit - a viewing and collection time can then be arranged and all advertising for that puppy will be withdrawn on receipt of the deposit. When you come to view the litter on the allocated viewing day, if you do not like the puppy or we do not feel you are suitable for one of our puppies a full refund will be given. We only arrange one viewing day for the litter, due to the stress it can cause the puppies and mother. If you cannot make the allocated viewing day, we will send you plenty photographs and as much information as you need.

Only those who have reserved and paid a deposit are invited to view the puppies.  This gives our buyers confidence that their puppy is not going to be handled by anyone other than ourselves.  Too many visitors "just looking" can spread infectious diseases and be stressful for mother and pups so limiting the viewing is in the best interests of all parties. If you feel that you are unable to make a fully informed decision without first visiting and seeing the puppies before you commit please call and we can discuss your requirements in detail to help with your decision.

Please read our Breeder Declaration & Disclamer on our Important Information page

We put the utmost importance on the well being of or dogs and reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone we deem to be unsuitable.
Chateau de Villars, Rue du Moulin, Villars, 24530, FRANCE            Phone :+33 (0)5 53 03 41 58           E-mail: chateaudevillars@aol.com